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My favorite way to blow off steam is to sing obnoxiously loud in the shower.

Robert Downey Jr @ SDCC 2014

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Do people come up to you at Comic Con and want to feel your head, you know, to make sure everything is a-okay? Yeah, well, they actually don’t want to feel my head and make sure it’s okay. They actually want to squish it. Everyone’s like, “Can I gouge your eyes out for this selfie?” (laughs) And I’m like, “Sure.” - Pedro Pascal

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the avengers cast members crashing interviews at sdcc 2014

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makin my way downtown

sliding fast

ass is chapped

and I’m home bound.

I just laughed for like 3 minutes at the two guys in the background walking backwards

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baby otters ^-^

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Robin Scherbatsky over the years 

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Actor Chris Pratt beamed down to our sector of the universe Monday night to surprise an auditorium full of deserving kids in a special New York Daily News and Disney Studios sponsored charity screening of the superheroes-in-space flick.

And the 35-year-old actor who plays the hero Star-Lord in the Marvel movie stayed in the theater until every last one of them who wanted to take a picture with him got their selfie.

“That was really fun, this is what is all about,” said a visibly touched Pratt after the show. “I get impatient sometimes being on a promotional tour all the time, but something like this I would sit here as long as it took to take a picture with every one of those guys.”

“Tonight was really special to me.”

Pratt stayed long past the time his security detail was supposed to whisk him away to answer questions and give some words of wisdom.

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